VantagePoint Venture Partners

    VantagePoint Venture Partners invests in big ideas and transformative companies. Manatt counseled the venture capital firm, which was the lead investor in an $18 million financing for Liquid Robotics Inc. An innovator in the marine technology market, Liquid Robotics developed state-of-the-art technology to observe the ocean and its climate and resources in detail with its patented Wave Glider unmanned maritime vehicle. The seacraft needs no fuel and uses waves to propel itself for up to a year without recharging its battery, providing a persistent ocean presence for commercial, scientific and defense users. VantagePoint relied on Manatt's patent, diligence and corporate experience to wade through the intricacies of intellectual property and venture financing issues. The result was a successful investment in a portfolio company now sought after by academic and government organizations and by players in the petroleum, wind power and fishing sectors.